Karvi Honey

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Honey is a natural sweetener, made by diligent honeybees. It is a great combination of different flower juices.



Karvy is a purplish-blue wild flower, which blooms once every seven years. Each year the plant comes alive with the advent of Monsoon, and once the rains are over, what is left behind is dry and dead-looking stems. This pattern repeats itself for seven years. In the seventh year, the plant explodes into mass flowering. The Karvy plant has many uses as well. The leaves and the stems are also used for thatched roofs after the season is over.

Health Benefits of Karvy

    • It works as anti-inflammatory drug.
    • It cures the stomach ailments.
    • It also uses as antimicrobial herbal drug.
    • It works as anti-rheumatic drug.

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