Arya Green Solution & Arya Green Foods is a social enterprise devoted to provide everybody the necessary micronutrients to their daily needs through top quality Spirulina products.

Our vision is a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for everybody – no matter what sex, amount of money or educational background. We want to enable the people to overcome malnutrition and its disastrous effects on their daily life through the micronutrient rich Spirulina – a natural and locally produced product.

  • We always use fresh materials. We take care of proper hygiene during the preparation of all food items.
  • All the products are made from natural herbs.
  • The regular use of nutritious supplements will give you the best results of health.
  • We provide completely herbal beauty products which take care of your beauty and charm.
  • We never use leather or any other harmful material to make bags.

Our Vision


Arya Green is a pioneer in the manufacturing and distributing of natural health supplements. We persistently strive to provide innovative healthy foods that have efficient benefits. We want to reach our product every person who is malnourished.

Product Delivery

We offer finest quality Spirulina Capsule, Spirulina Tablet, Stevia Powder and more. All the products are made from natural herbs…


We dedicatedly work in manufacturing high quality food products, nutritious product, personal care and many other useful products….

Our Association

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